Born to Rock – February 13th

13th February was a lucky day for the world of music, as some iconic superstars where born.

So…who is getting to eat some cake and blow out their candles today?

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel, the former lead singer of Genesis and an iconic solo superstar was born on this day in 1950.

As it’s so close to the day of lurve, this is his beautiful remake of the Magnetic Field’s “Book of Love” released in 2010 on his “Scratch my Back” album.

Peter Hook

Peter Hook was born Peter Woodhead in 1956. He co-founded Joy Division, and after the death of Ian Curtis in 1980, he and the remaining members formed New Order.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams was born this day in 1974. Robbie started his career in Take That but after leaving the band in 1995, his solo career rocketed and he became one of the biggest superstars of the naughties.


Peter Tork

Famous as part of the biggest teenybopper bands of the sixties – The Monkees – Peter Tork was born on 13th February 1942.


Also born on this day in 1950 – Roger Christian of “The Christians”